Animal feed of the future!

Contribute to a better planet and switch to sustainable animal feed now.

Sustainable and nutritious

The larvae of this species of fly are responsible for a revolution in animal feed. They’re perfectly suited as a feeding solution for birds, fish and reptiles, because of their nutritional value and small ecological footprint.

On top of that, animals love them! If you’re looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint and serve your animals the best possible diet at the same time,  the Black Soldier Fly could be the solution you’re looking for.

Perfectly suited for birds, fish & reptiles

Due to the excellent nutrinional and antibiotic values, the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly are the ideal diet for your animals. Once your animals get used to eating the larvae, there’s no need for any other kind of animal feed!

More sustainable than fish meal

Most people still use fish meal to feed their birds, fish and reptiles. Fish meal is made of dried and ground fish and production is often wasteful and unsustainable. Why not choose a diet of Black Soldier Fly larvae instead?

The many benefits of Black Soldier Fly animal feed

Fed on residual stream

The larvae eat organic waste, transforming it into high-quality biomass.

High feed conversion

The larvae have a very high feed conversion ratio (9 times better than beef, for example).

Large yield on a small area

Large yield on a small area due to vertical cultivation.

Low CO2-emission

Exceptionally low greenhouse gas emissions per kilogram of produced protein.

High level of calcium

The larvae contain a very high level of calcium, (up to 50 times higher than mealworms or crickets) which is great for your animals’ bones and eggs.

Natural antibiotic

Black Soldier Fly larvae contain high levels of lauric acid, a natural antibiotic.


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